Building a Brand Using Marketing and Advertising

What is the difference between marketing and advertising? It’s a question that gets asked a lot. And if you queried five different people, you would likely get five different answers.

Essentially, advertising is what you do to directly publicize your product or service. It includes ads, coupons, and email blasts – each of which says something specific about your business.

Marketing is what you do to build your brand and evolve your image. It incorporates every touch-point between a company and a consumer, and involves a strategic effort in order to present a mission and a message.

The difference between these two objectives is important. More importantly, however, is the overlap. Businesses eager to develop relationships by building enthusiasm and evangelism understand that both marketing and advertising are crucial components for building their brand the right way. Get the right branding placed into your advertising and marketing endeavors by contacting us at Krave.


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