The Sales Potential of Branding

The end goal of any marketing effort is to drive sales. The tricky part is determining how best to do that. A temporary spike in revenue is great, but acquiring new customers and developing them into loyal customers does more for the bottom line.

Advertising is a way to secure one sale. Marketing is a way to secure a second sale. Branding, however, is a way to develop long-term partnerships with like-minded consumers.

When advertising and marketing work in concert they make a larger and longer-lasting statement about your business. The business is not just a product, service, or sale. Rather, it’s a team of experts and innovators who reflect the real needs and wants of the target audience.

Consumers want to find brands that speak their language, understand their interests, and relieve their pain points. And when they do, they are eager to make a repeat purchase or offer a recommendation. That level of loyalty is what every business strives for, and it’s only possible through the careful coordination of advertising, marketing, and branding alike.

Getting a brand seen and heard is easy. Getting that same brand followed and friended is the challenge. If you’re ready to connect with consumers on a deeper level, consult with the team at Krave Branding.

How Marketing Depends on Advertising

To understand the link between marketing and advertising, think of a building under construction. The marketing is the final plan for the building, outlining how each component contributes to the form and function of the finished product.

The advertising is like the building materials. Each one of these has a discreet function. And even though each board and brick is important, those individual materials disappear into the completed building.

This metaphor illustrates how advertising on various channels and in different mediums grows into marketing. The sum of the advertisements is greater than its parts, and marketing communicates a message larger than any single ad pitch.

This metaphor also underscores why advertising is important, but marketing is what really matters.  At Krave Branding, you can make sure your advertising is filled with high quality branding for your business in order to ensure a continuous building of your marketing.

Building a Brand Using Marketing and Advertising

What is the difference between marketing and advertising? It’s a question that gets asked a lot. And if you queried five different people, you would likely get five different answers.

Essentially, advertising is what you do to directly publicize your product or service. It includes ads, coupons, and email blasts – each of which says something specific about your business.

Marketing is what you do to build your brand and evolve your image. It incorporates every touch-point between a company and a consumer, and involves a strategic effort in order to present a mission and a message.

The difference between these two objectives is important. More importantly, however, is the overlap. Businesses eager to develop relationships by building enthusiasm and evangelism understand that both marketing and advertising are crucial components for building their brand the right way. Get the right branding placed into your advertising and marketing endeavors by contacting us at Krave.