Meet The Team

Get to know the people behind Krave.

Shari Gannon
CEO | Creative Director

Shari is the creative brand architect and communicating leader behind Krave Branding. Working closely with her clients in order to help them succeed by advising them on solutions that best fit their brand’s needs, she helps them reach results - while keeping customer satisfaction as her utmost priority. Shari aims to develop strong and lasting relationships with our clients, providing the highest quality customer service with the highest quality of work.

Irene Ness
Office Manager

Meet our internal organizer here at Krave - Irene. She keeps the details of our company in order, assuring our customers that they will receive quality services from the inside-out. Serving genuine, trustworthy coworkers and customers is her favorite part about working at Krave Branding. Raised on a farm and taught to value other people’s needs, Irene is hardworking and delivers her best in everything she does.

Tyler Lawrence
Senior Designer | Sales

Tyler was drawn into graphic design while going to school for architecture. He values the construction quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of graphic design while focusing strongly on brand consistency - in order to make your brand as recognizable and memorable as possible. He enjoys personally getting to know our clients and providing them with design that best matches their taste and personality.

Debbie Gregg
Production Artist

Debbie brings uniqueness and well-balanced design to our team. She believes that each piece of design is meant to complement the other, and she makes a difference through her design skills by forming visuals that look eye-catching, innovative, and relevant. Debbie’s favorite projects are logo designs and infographics. Through her creativity, she produces a smooth “flow” for the company’s true story to be told visually.